4 Ways to Finish the School Year with Creativity

Oftentimes I get requests for creative projects during the last couple months of school. Usually it is because assessments are over and teachers are feeling a bit freer with their time. Whatever the case, here are 4 platforms that support creative projects.  Use Flip.com for posting questions, collecting thoughtful video responses, and giving everyone aContinue reading “4 Ways to Finish the School Year with Creativity”

Lesson Planning with OpenAI

This is the third installment of how educators can use OpenAI to their benefit. You can check out previous posts here and here. This post is all about how you can use OpenAI for lesson planning and for creating supplemental materials. Using OpenAI’s Chat GPT tool can help in creating new or improved lesson plans.Continue reading “Lesson Planning with OpenAI”

Bye-Bye Google Search ~ OpenAI is My New Search Engine

I had so many titles for this post from “ChatGPT, my New Best Friend for Lesson Planning”, to “ChatGPT OpenAI, How Can We Harness AI Power for Good?”, and ChatGPT, My New Search Engine for Learning About EVERYTHING”, to “ How to Create Better Brainstorming Sessions with ChatGPT”. The list goes on, because it isContinue reading “Bye-Bye Google Search ~ OpenAI is My New Search Engine”

How AI Can Enhance Learning Opportunities for Students

Artificial Intelligence is now embedded into our daily lives in ways that we do not even realize. AI is built into our smartphones, cars, and online experiences. AI is having a moment in the creative space now as well. A platform called DALL-E 2 is now a free open-source image generator site. DALL-E 2’s algorithmContinue reading “How AI Can Enhance Learning Opportunities for Students”

How One Language Arts Teacher used Social Media Profiles for Character Development

A Teacher Feature Students in Mrs. Ruf’s 8th grade classes read The Outsiders. Being a character-driven story with characters not much older than eighth-graders, this was the perfect opportunity for them to take a deep dive into character study. They examined character motivations, changes, effects of characters on other characters, and ultimately how they impactedContinue reading “How One Language Arts Teacher used Social Media Profiles for Character Development”

Find Your Innovative Mindset Practice

We’ve all heard about a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset. By now we should have a pretty good understanding of the difference between these two concepts. But how can we bring an innovative mindset to our classrooms and why is this important? Individuals with an innovative mindset are always looking forward and leaving theContinue reading “Find Your Innovative Mindset Practice”

The Power of Team Teaching with Yourself

Ever watch what happens when you put a video in front of students? It is magic. The room falls silent. It is what we all want when we are standing in front of our class and giving directions. Being able to show a video that you’ve created captures student attention and can set the stageContinue reading “The Power of Team Teaching with Yourself”

Creativity is Where It’s At

Do you find yourself standing over the copier with your latest worksheet for your students? Do you ask yourself, “Is there a more engaging and creative way to have my students demonstrate their mastery?” If your answer is YES!, then read on. Creativity excites our students to learn, practice risk-taking, support emotional growth, and setsContinue reading “Creativity is Where It’s At”

Five Ways to Leverage Tech for an Awesome Start

Better Your Gmail Spend a few minutes organizing your inbox and contacts. It goes a long way to have a system in place that allows you to stay organized and on top of all the emails coming and going. Consider using the star method and labels to remember to reply soon when you cannot respondContinue reading “Five Ways to Leverage Tech for an Awesome Start”

Trust in a Pandemic

In three short weeks my colleagues and I will be back in the hallways, classrooms, and dining hall of our school. This is a time of year when I typically purge old kitchen items, donate old clothing to Goodwill, and send my kids off to their respective dorm rooms, or college apartments. It is aContinue reading “Trust in a Pandemic”